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Since I have a lot of free time now on my break off of school, YOu can commission me whenever you would like!!

I like to keep commissions cheap and simple, and creating a whole new chart would be weird... sooooo I'm going to try something new.

Prices are as Follows:
Bust: sketch = $20
Bust: Lines = $30
Bust: Color (Cell/Paint)= $35

Torso: Sketch = $30
Torso: Lines = $40
Torso: Color(Cell/paint) = $45

Full Body: Sketch = $40
Full Body: Lines = $50
Full Body: Color (Cell/paint) = $55

-each additional character in a scene/image is an additional 1/4th the price of what is wanted.
-so for example, 1 Full Body character  with color is $55, but an additional character like that is $11.25
-COMICS/SEQUENCES VARY... but it's typically $45 a page LINED and $60 COLORED
Free reign scenery/background is free, but if it's super specific, it will range from $2-$15 depending on difficulty


Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 6.40.17 PM by SinArrow Line-art Bust (No background)

Hunter (Human) by SinArrow Full Color Bust w/ Background (Cell shaded)

Rosa by SinArrowFull Color Bust (Painted)

Private Message me if you would like a commission.

-certain fetishes
-OC art

-Anything with a TON of armour (like seriously fuck you if it's super intricately detailed)
-Most all sex scenarios
-other certain fetishes

-again, PRIVATE MESSAGE ME if you would like a commission 

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I.... I don't know what to say...  I just wanted to post my art to their community page (  and it turns out it blew up.... to the point where people asked if they could make it their twitter background, and now it's starting to get featured in a lot of places... and BUNGIE actually put it on their instagram....…

Like... this may seem like a small deal.. or something that's like (ahh they do that to a lot of people) But like.... I NEVER thought I'd get this far.. like... I'm just super fucking happy and excited and don't know what to say... I mean i have my friends to thank for helping me with the critiques and suggestions for the final outcome... bit I just feel so....beqifbrejkbfrjekfbguej

I'm super fucking happy...that is all...
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Heya everyone!!

It's still been quite a while... a disgustingly long time...  But with school and now YouTube I'm workin' hard ALL the time.  I HAVE MANY new videos up right now, and One i literally JSUT finished like 3 hours ago, hahhaa.

I'll be posting something here at some point within the next couple weeks so keep your eyes peeled.

As far as YOUTUBE goes, I post new content EVERY Wednesday and Sunday (at varied times, usually around 12:00pm Chicago time)

If you'd like to subscribe and see what I'm up to, go ahead and click below!

----->NSunny's Channel

As far as VIDEO'S go.. i just finished my 3rd Montage video (which I guess is Art in and of itself hahaha) and you can see that BELOW

---->NIGHTSTALKER montage


-Hope you all enjoy and PLLLEEEEEASE be patient with my art works!
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Heya guys!! 

Been a LONG time since I've made art for here, I promise I WILL MAKE MORE ARTS HERE but if you want to check out what I'm doing in the mean-time. HERE I AM ON YOUTUBE!!! MY NEW CHANNEL

I do a bit of gameplay with friends and so far have 3 titles (Splatoon, Smash 4, and Destiny) I will be adding more video sof these games, and more from Nintendo and PS4 AS WELL AS art when i get the chance!! :D

Go ahead and subscribe, stick around/comment/like whatever ya waaaaant ya? :D

-Till next time!!
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Well.. College is killing me in terms of emotion, sleeping, drawing, and other things and it's been REALLY hard to do what i want whenever at this school with a few exceptions.  I'm sorry for not posting so much in the past few months but just know I'll be posting a little more before school consumes me next year... hell i may leave dA and go somewhere else or nowhere at all and just focus on keeping things personal.  I don't know my full path yet on where this is all going... in terms of online sharing and stuff.. but in terms of real-world scenarios... I don't know... I guess we'll have to find out.
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Wow... months have passed real quick-like huh?

I'm turning 19 on October 2nd and I'm like... FLIPPING OUT!! I can't wait to have a birthday here at SAIC and see what it's like.... I'll actually be sharing mine with a girl I met (cuz she has the same birthday) and I believe we're going to the Field Museum!!! 

Eh.. small thing... I don't expect gifts because I don't really WANT anything... and the things I DO want are too expensive to bother with... personally I think art is always a great gift... original, comical, and probably relates to you in a BIG way.  I think a couple friends are drawing my OC's actually.... *andIcan'twaittoseehowtheyendup* :P  If you want you can do the same, but it's not necessary. :P

-I'M FEELING REAL GENEROUS for some reason and will probably be streaming like ALL day after 4:00pm CST... With this generosity I feel like doing REQUESTS!!!  best part is.. if you want to request something GO AHEAD AND SEND ME A NOTE!!! I'll write it down and sketch it out on October 2nd and POST THAT SHIT YOOOO!!!

-so yeah... send me a note of what you want me to draw... it'll be a quick little sketch probs with some minor deets.  If you WANT to draw/make something for me for my birthday.... that's FINE... but ya know... you don't HAVE to. :P

-Till Oct 2nd then!
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Art College has officially started for me.... And i'll be making a small comic series called "THE COLLEGE META" involving the Natsu-Crew about wierd/funny/romantic situations that happen to me and my friends at SAIC...  Hope you guys'll like em. ^ ^ They MAY or MAY NOT be colored based on how important I feel them to be...

College is starting and that means the work-meta is ALSO strong. >_> Sooooooo... according to the poll that's been posted... so far you guys ACTUALLY want to see my college work... I'm fine with it... JUST NOTE... the topics won't typically be the things I USUALLY post... 

And that's about it... college is going well so far, made a ton of friends in this new and fresh environment "i use fresh loosely because (Chicago)"  And i'm getting along pretty well with everyone around me...  as far as living conditions go... i have a big ass room and a ton to do around town and IN the dorm...

Until next time!

-Natsuru Yashimi
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I feel like absolute crap for saying this and just... just..... AAAARRRGGGHHHH!!!

Welp... as of "right now" i have 11 days left until College starts and I leave this oven of a state.  I've been working my ass off drawing for practice, for experiment, and for those who have given me graduation money... AND THERE ARE A TON OF PEOPLE WHO GAVE ME GRADUATION MONEY!!!  And knowing me... simply buying a card is just SOULLESS in my eyes... so i have to draw something from scratch and make it all fanciful... So because of this I CAN'T do the ART PACK.   I have some almost completed work from it though, so I'll just be posting that because i haven't posted ANYTHING in a while. O_o

Welp... 35 days.... expecting like.. 3 commissions, drawing a ton, watching a few movies to make me feel better about moving... and also... my friends CONSTANTLY come over and we just  play SMASH all day... like... no joke from 3pm to 11pm we'd play Brawl or Project M and it's just RIDICULOUS. 

Welp... hopefully that's "updatey" enough for ya guys...


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Soooooo I've been thinking about making a Sellable Art Pack over summer of the Natsu Crew to make some side cash for college… it’ll probably have some newds, full and detailed backstories for all the characters, and hidden things you’ve NEVER SEEN BEFORE about the Girls!  It’ll probably be a good 15+ pages long of art and graphic design shit in yo face.

In the mean time I’ll be doing gift art, a couple errands, some sketch dumps and TUMBLR ASKS ART RESPONSES! :D  Ask away everybody!!
Click me to ask a question!!


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OH MY GLOB!!! I can't wait wait wait for COLLEGE!!  I have officially decided to go to [SAIC] The School of the Art institute of Chicago!!  I've already taken a tour of the campus, met some of the students, and even talked to some of the faculty on Student life and whatnot and I was just BLOWNA WAY!! Oh it's PARADISE!!!  I'll be entering starting August 23rd *That's when my Dorm contract starts* and WOW are the dorms huge.. like... WOW!  There's loft beds, a huge fridge, work benches, a bathroom in every dorm, friggin a TON of wall-space for my prints and stuff, a TV and, and, and, and. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!  Oh man.... i just.... WOW.... I already have my class schedule and everything, and it's pretty awesome!  Not only do i get an hour less of school each day now, but i only have a 2hr class on Thursday!  

But... I have to wait for all of this... High school graduation is what's on my plate right now... i only have a couple weeks left and I'm outa that shit-hole.. DONION-RINGS!! DONE-ZILLA!! DONESKIES!!!  The only thing standing in my way is Math.... Fuckin' Math... It's anti-derivatives and stuff and to em it's hard as hell.. i have a C right now and 3 more HW assignments, a Quiz and a Final left... i need to AT LEAST get a "D" to graduate... but... in all seriousness... i don't REALLY need to pass it since SAIC accepts you based on Talent and not really grades... but that's no excuse... I went to that school for 4 years and I'm getting that stupid piece of Paper DAMN-IT!

*sigh... art progress is slow, and i know i haven't posted much, but I have been improving greatly as days pass... as a matter of fact now that my senior project is complete (and i got a 100% on it) I've started drawing a lot more and am even opening Tumblr ask art responses! I'm in the middd of doing one right now and may stream some of the coloring later.  *probs on the weekend*

And, I only have 1 more haircut till the 28th... then, I dye my hair Royal blue, and go to court to have my name legally changed! :D

So there's  lot to look forward to. ^ ^

WELL... i've got HW to do... see ya soon!
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As i sit here and sip coke from my coffee mug... I'd like to give you all an update on what exactly has been going on around here (me/ or with me)

College:  I have been Accepted to SAIC *the School of the Art Institute of Chicago* the #2 Fine Arts school in AMERICA!!  (tied with RISD and behind YALE)  I myself am super ultra mega excited and love the fact that a big part of my dream has finally come true.  I'd like to thank a TON of people... WhistleFrog, SlugBox, StringMouse, Nasoyon, my best friend ever Angie, Onna, Mike Inel Magical NekoLenLen (Magister), and lastly... ALL OF MY AMAZING AWESOME FoLLOWERS!!!  You all were the drive and motivation i had to keep drawing, break boundaries, and remind me that what i'm doing is EXACTLY what i want to do with my life.  bleach gif animated GIF  Don't forget all the manga creators and animators that ALSO drove me to draw... Family Guy, A Certain Scientific Railgun, Bleach, To Love Ru, BAKUMAN, EgoRaptor, Attack on Titan, SAO, etc... *THE LIST GOES OOOOOOOOOON*

So I have only one more quarter of school, and i'm focusing on simply PASSING every class, now that I've already been accepted to a college.  I'm going to try and do as much non-school related artwork as possible for you guys and make some fan arts and updates and everything DON'T WORRY!! ^ ^

So until another uodate "about a week" i'll see you guys later.
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Hiya All,

So as of recent I've been battling a pretty bad sickness along with a few of my friends and classmates.. It's annoying as hell and I feel as though I sometimes almost cough up my soul.  I've been given oral steroids and am on meds to get better and should be at 100% by Sunday or Monday. 

As for Art.... well... I made it a THING for me to post ALOT more this year on dA but i'll be damned if I can't catch a break from school. >_>  I have a Senior Project due in April (the biggest project one will EVER do in ALL of HighSchool, I have a book to read and write a report on, ROTC events to go to (Iwo-Jima Parade, presenting of the colors, and the Military Ball) and Graphic design is real sketchy *no pun intended* cuz we're using illustrator a lot now and I've had to REDESIGN 4 book covers for the past few days... not sure if we'll have any other projects AFTER that but I COULD and probably WILL.  To add insult to injury, Yearbook's pressing me to come in after school for tennis pictures for the Tennis pages due in a couple weeks, AND I have to interview at least 7 individuals. >_>  

So PLEASE bear with me, art WILL be posted soon and I'll try my best on everything and you guys are all awesome and amazing for sticking around all this time. 

Commissions are still open if you want to commission me for something ---> Commission link + prices

I've completed all my applications and essays for colleges and universities and they will send their decisions as to whether or not I will be attending in.... March... So i'm really nervous and kinda having panic-attacks at night till I know the answer. O_o

That's all I have for now.. I'll still be streaming as much as I can, and it'll be back on my LIVESTREAM account because Picarto is malfunctioning on me.

Don't Get sick everyone!!!

-SinArrow/ Natsuru
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I've now realized that without my knowledge the streams FAILS mid-way through.. like... WHAT THE FUCK!??  So i;m done with it... just DONE... i'll GLADLY go back to livestream. sooo sorry guys... i streamed for like LITERALLY 10 seconds... and i CHECKED... and that's how long it lasted...

IDK how it works for everyone else all the time... but i'm done.
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Hiya everyone!!!! ^ ^

So 2013's been a hellish year for me, with school and college entrance stuffs and my family being super non-supportive of me... it 2014's going to be quite different

-I'll be headed to art college... which one it will be is undetermined, but it will be a college where i get my degree in Animation and Illustration.

-My name will be legally changed!

-Lastly, Commissions will be open!!!

So, New Years is upon all of us, only about 7 hours away for me.  I really hope that you all have a wonderful New Years, have had a great time during the holidays, and WILL have a great 2014....

-Happy new years all!!

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Hiya guys!!! I can officially say that as of today... MY PORTFOLIO IS COMPLETE!!! I've put together 14 of my best art work pieces and pieces that show my development of drawing and designing and such... I'M SOOOO RELIEVED!!!!  So now.. I can work on WHATEVER THE HELL I WANT until college!!! ^ ^

  Sooo, I'm waiting for my Letters of recommendation to come back, which will probably either be Wednesday or Monday...REALLY hoping it'll be Wednesday.  So my submissions to my 6 colleges will commence and be done by either Thanksgiving weekend, or late Monday (12/2/13)  I'm so excited i can't believe it... I'm gunna be going to COLLEGE GUYS!! *CROSSING MY FINGERS TO BE ACCEPTED INTO RISD!*  It's been an exhausting couple months and i haven't posted a lot THANKS TO the stupid portfolio... but now I'll be posting about 5-7 pieces a month from now on (starting Dec.)!! ^ ^ *you know.. unless i get REALLY sick or something*

New character development:  There will be a new character added to my list of now 8 OC's I've made... and this one's gunna be a BIG one, so I've been studying quite a bit on how I should design her and what attributes she'll have, and a good back-story.  What clothes she'll wear, attitude, hairsyle, eye style are ALL being  accounted for.  Get ready for awesomeness guys... i'm trying my BEST on this one!


To those of you who REALLY wanted to know what Cteryll's weakness was for her overbearing powers of verbal/physical manipulation and were disappointed i deleted the comic *for personal reasons* it goes like this... as long as the target can HEAR and UNDERSTAND what Cteryll is saying,  they can be manipulated and changed.  So her weakness is not being heard.  Earplugs, Headphones, lack of understanding and/or any drowning noise makes her powers not work.  Natsuru *at the end of the comic* figured it out and would have used her shadows to cover her ears and capture Cteryll, torture her a little by cutting her up and then force her to change her back.

SOOOOOOOOOO that's everything guys.. I'll be working vigorously on HW and drawing over the thanksgiving weekend and hope to have a good bit of what I want done for my new OC. 

-Keeping y'all posted!!
-Natsuru Yashimi
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Hey guys.. only a couple more pieces on my portfolio are left to finish.  I'll be finishing those pieces on Saturday for you all to watch. ^ ^  Also, one of the pieces features the REAL me... or at least the manga representation of me. :P  So come on by.  I'll be streaming until the ENTIRE THING is complete... That can be anywhere from 3-9 hrs btw. :P

Stream location  <---CLICK HERE TO WATCH!!

P.S. internet's a little shaky... if it disconnects more than 2 times i'm just gunna end the stream. >_>

-Natsuru Yashimi
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Hey so for Graphic Design I have to make a business card.... Going to start from scratch and you all can watch me if you want. ^ ^

P.S... only listening to Japanese/Korean music.... so bear with meh!

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Hey guys...

So after much though and careful analysis I have finally come up with my ART NAME!!! *no longer will I just say Natsuru Yashimi*  I went through about 30 different names and some suggestions from my friends until it hit me...  SinArrow!!!

You see, it goes like this... My last name is YASHIMI, which roughly translates to (Arrow of Death and Beauty)  Death is a sin of Wrath, and Beauty a combination of Lust and Envy.  My middle name is PRYDE, another deadly sin, but just typed different of course.  So since my name alone has 4/7 of the deadly sins i felt Sin would be an appropriate first piece, and Arrow a perfect end piece (since it is in my LAST name after all)  The name also kind-of rolls off the tongue you know? "It also sounds like Scenario if you say it wrong, which is pretty cool too.)

Well, I hope you guys like the new name, you may all adjust accordingly, however of course I AM the same Natsuru you all know and love! 

-Till Next time
-Natsuru Yashimi (SinArrow)
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Hiya everybody!!!  

Man, it's been a great four years on DeviantArt and i couldn't be hapier with out everything's turned out so far like... WOW! 

So i've been thinking it over and think maybe i should change my profile name to something that ISN'T my main character and/or legal name as of now...   So I'm probably gunna take the SlugBox approach and name myself a Noun and a verb or two random combinations of nouns.  Now. I'M PRETTY DAMN BUSY at the moment, so the name is PENDING.... I'm still working on  Portfolio stuff till the 14th and will be applying to MANY art collages.  I finally got my SAT out of the way and i'm VERY happy about that.

In recent news, my totally awesome and fantastical art friend :iconwhistlinfrog: just finished my commissioned art piece!  I thanked him endlessly and the result is just STAGGERING, oh how amazing it is.  here's a picture actually and you guys can stop by his channel and compliment him on his awesomeness!
Boy, that SURE is something right!?

So after i do my profile name change and finish my portfoilo, I'll be doing what i've wanted to do for the longest time!!!  I'll be doing FAN-ARTS, Natsu-comics, character prints and stuff like that!!

Sooo, till next time guys!! 
-Wish me luck on my college entry
-Natsuru Yashimi

-psst... have any cool nouns or verbs?  I'll be listening for ideas!!!  ^ ^
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Soo... i go to Barnes and Noble in Search for Rosario Vampire Vol 11 S:2 and i can't ind it.. end up getting Haganai... as i check out, the cashier compliments my Survey Corps Necklace, i say thank you and we talk about Anime for a little... she asks is if I watch Anime, and i reply, i read more than I watch, and then she asks, *What do you read typically?* and I FUCKING FROZE!!! all the manga titles i've read, comprehended and have OOGLED for the longest time *with the exception of Bleach and Soul Eater and stuff* just LEFT MY BRAIN... and i stuttered *uhhh, Bleach, To Love Ru, Attakc on Titan, Soul Eater* and then she started naming off more familiar titles like SAO and D-Grey Man and just.. FUCK!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH 

Every DAMN time someone asks me what i read i plum forget all of 'em... so here... here is an OFFICIAL LIST of all the Mangas i've read, and all the Anime's I've watched! I'm settling this ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!

1. Absolute Boyfriend 
2. Alice in the Country of Hearts
3. Alice in the country of Clover
4. Angelic Layer
5. Attack on Titan *TOP 5*
6. Bakuman *TOP 5*
7. Bamboo Blade
8. Battle Club
9. Battle Vixens
10. Black Butler *FAVORITES*
11. Black Cat *FAVORITES*
12. Black God
13. Bleach *TOP 5*
14. Blue Exorcist
15. Bo-bo-bo Bo-bo Bo-bo *FAVORITES*
16. A Certain Scientific Railgun *TOP 5*
17. Chobits
18. Cowboy Bebop
19. Death-note *FAVORITES*
20. Death-note L Change the WorLd
21. Deadman Wonderland *FAVORITES*
22. Destiny's Hand
24. Dragon Ball Z
25. DRRR + Saika Arc *FAVORITES*
26. Fairy Tail
27. FLCL (Fooley Cooley)
28. Full Metal Alchamest MANGA
29. Girls Bravo
30. Haganai I Don't Have Many Friends
31. High School of the Dead
32. Highschool DxD
33. Higurashi When They Cry
35. Inukami
36. InuYasha 
37. Is This a Zombie?
39. K-ON!
40. Lost At Sea
41. Maoyuu Mao Yuusha
42. Madoka Magica
43. Master Keaton *owned but not read*
44. Maximum Ride
45. Medoka Box
46. Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
47. Manga Guide to Calculus
48. Naruto
49. Omamori himari
50. One Piece
51. Oreimo
52. Otoman
53. Panty and Stocking With Garterbelt *FAVORITES*
54. Parasyte 
55. Pet Shop of Horrors 
56. Planet Ladder
57. Pokemon Origins
58. Psyren *FAVORITES*
59. REVENGE *owned but not read*
60. Rosario Vampire SEASONS I-II
61. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
62. Shinryaku Ika Musume
63. Soul Eater
64. Soul Eater NOT!
65. Spice and Wolf
66. Sword Art Online+Alfheim+GunGale
67. Strawberry 100% 
68. To Love Ru
70. Triage X
71. Umineko When They Cry
72. Under the Glass Moon
73. Vampire Knight
74. Venus Vs. Viru 
75. Watamote
76. Zombie Powder 

THERE, DONE!!! ARE YOU ALL HAPPY NOW!!! please stop asking me what i read and let me just talk about things first!!! V_V ARRRRGH!!!!!

there are probably a few i haven't listed due to public domain *everyone fucking knows about it* kinda stuff like Yu-ghi-oh, Pokemon, and Spirited Away and stuff*

Also... getting Pokemon Y tomorrow morning... SUPER PSYCHED!!!
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